Alaskan Cruise....July 8th thru July 23rd, 2006
DSC 6639 denali from the lodge adj  What a difference a day makes. We continued to see Denali for 3 days straight.  DSC 4934 adj  We spent an extra day in Vancouver, BC prior to boarding our Island Princess. This is a great place to check out!  DSC 4954 adj  Don't look down! Actually, you're 250 feet above the river while crossing the 450 foot-long suspension bridge. And YES, it does rock!  DSC 5008 adj  Once across the bridge, we saw these vines climbing the redwoods looking for light.  DSC 5018 adj  Nancy and I in front of the bridge 
DSC 5069 adj  Some flora along the way  DSC 5098 adj  Totem Poles (preferrably called "Story Poles") in Stanley Park  DSC 5149 adj  Leaving Vancouver, BC, Canada  DSC 5154 adj  Going under Lion's Gate Bridge  DSC 5246 adj  A slug in the Ketchikan rainforest 
DSCF3041 adj  My King caught in Ketchikan, AK  DSCF3054 adj  A great day Salmon fishing! Nice 36lb'r Jim!!  DSCF3005 adj  Here fishy, fishy  DSC 5407 adj  Mendenhal Glacier in Juneau, AK  DSC 5452 adj  Need to revisit here and hike back to the waterfall and glacier. We only had an hour to spend here and it took the old folks half of that time getting off the bus! ;-) 
DSC 5580 adj  Our Island Princess docked in Skagway  DSC 5583 adj  Rock art in Skagway  DSC 5639 adj  Glacier Bay  DSC 5658 adj  We watched "calving" take place here!  DSC 5762 adj  Very majestic place 
DSC 5791 adj  More glaciers in Glacier Bay  DSC 5799 adj  A mountain range full of glaciers  DSC 5822 adj  These glacial "fingers" rise over 200 feet in the air  DSC 5873 adj  Ice Blue  DSC 5903 adj  A humpback! 
DSC 5627 adj  More beauty  DSC 7382 adj  Alaskan oil pipeline in Fairbanks  DSC 5575 adj  Some art outside a restaurant in Skagway  DSC 5986 adj  College Fjords are full of beautiful glaciers  DSC 6024 adj  College Fjords 
DSC 5987 adj  Some sun sneaking out  DSC 6001 adj  DSC 6004 adj  DSC 6021 adj  DSC 6036 adj 
DSC 6044 adj  An Iceberg!  DSC 6133 adj  Sunset at around midnight  DSC 6138 adj  DSC 6205 adj  Go ahead, take my picture! Bear cub at the Wildlife Conservation area just outside Whittier, AK  DSC 6243 adj  Some local flora 
DSC 6167 adj  BIG brown bear  DSC 6181 adj  Sleepy Moose  DSC 6189 adj  This bald eagle had only one wing, but it was no less regal  DSC 6237 adj  Muskox  DSC 6231 adj  Reindeer 
DSC 6573 adj  On the porch of Princess' Mt McKinley Lodge. Too many clouds to see Denali on this day.  DSC 6599 adj  The lodge from the access road  DSC 6713 adj  Very blue flowers  DSC 6722 adj  Some yellow too!  DSC 6726 adj 
DSC 6734 adj  DSC 6741 adj  Horseshoe Lake in Denali National Forest  DSC 6742 adj  Horseshoe Lake  DSC 6748 adj  DSC 6756 adj 
DSC 7141 adj  Sea Plane taking off right next to our Riverboat in Fairbanks  DSC 7193 adj  Susan Butcher's kennel. RIP  DSC 7180 adj  Susan's dogs getting ready to pull an ATV around her property  DSC 7208 adj  Ah, that was fun!  DSC 7317 adj  This flower was growing out of a rooftop that was covered with sod for insulation.